What are the advantages of being a SolTrainer?

What's next ?

Who knows what the future holds?

What we DO know is that our goal is to develop a secure way for developers to come up with exciting projects to be released on the blockchain. Today, we make a cartridge. Tomorrow?

We hope to inspire the community to look beyond NFTs through various interactive user experiences.

NFTs Are Cool! 🖼

Have you always dreamed of becoming a trainer? Now's your chance! Be the proud owner of an exclusive SolTrainer NFT. Hold it and embark on an exciting journey: your SolTrainer becomes your avatar in a brand new kind of NFT experience.

Game Release 🎮

Build your team by visiting the Safari Zone, challenge other SolTrainers holders in battle and win $PKMN tokens!

We'll keep the roadmap updated on the latest progress. Stay tuned!

$ Token Airdrop ✈️

Once the token is listed on Serum, all SolTrainer NFT holders will be eligible to receive $PKMN tokens during the first airdrop.

Staking 📈

That is why we want to make a decentralized reserve dedicated to all Gaming Cryptocurrency, which will allow holders to be rewarded for staking their investment.

Real Hardware Drop! 🔩

Be among the first to get your hands on our very limited edition retro-gaming device! A small quantity of the beta version will be gifted to NFT-gaming devs for experimentation. Eventually, SolTrainers NFT holders will have access to raffles where you can win cartridges. Finally, all SolTrainers holders will be able to claim a free cartridge until stocks run out. We might release more for sale depending on demand!

The Future of RetroGaming 👾

We strive to bring you a new way to interact with your NFTs. Not only the cartridge will allow the owner to visualize their NFTs, its connective technology will allow you to load it with indie-dev crypto-related games made by the community, for the community!