In a Non Fungible World,



NFT     .


Not a Hack Rom but your Next Hardware NFT Wallet for Gaming!


The Ultimate Killer in Advanced


Comfort Fit

Most important of all, however, is comfort. Meet the new One-Cartridge-Fits-All for the perfect Fit!

Always Updated

Get Over-The-Air Updates and support new Projects, Discover Collabs, Play Games and more!


Breathtaking Experience


Immerse yourself back to the 90's UX.
Trade your NFTs with friends using the new Wireless Technology feature.  


Exhibit your NFTs

Show your NFTs to friends on a historical cool object like your Game Boy!


Durable Tech


Aerospace military technology grade. your NFTs can survive anything!

Industry-Leading Cyber-Insecurity

Versatility Meets Design

Incredible View on this 160 × 144 pixel Display with immersive 2000 Colors in Hi-Color Mode.

Feast your eyes on your prized possessions in this never-before seen display mode.

Professional Power

Power, Efficency and Connectivity are never an issue, thanks to the WiFi Module inside the cartridge; An iconic duo with the Sharp LR35902Z80 CPU embedded in your Game Boy.



(We are not Ledger, but we're alright.)

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Artist  &  Brand Identity

A Digital Artist who Creates Softwares that Generate Artworks.

Hardware && Firmware && Software Dev

Our Motherboard Overlord.

He spends his life to shifting bits & bytes on banks of memory.

Content Writer && Community Manager

Syntax fairy and chaos synthesizer. Vulgarization of concepts, grammar lover and caring wizard.

Our Creative Founders 👩🏻‍🎨.


The Answers You Need

Absolutely, yes! It is a real product that we are developing as we speak. It will be released in 3 phases. First, a small quantity of the beta version will be given for free to NFT-gaming project devs who would like to experiment with it. 20 people will be selected through a special Giveaway. Second, SolTrainers NFT holders will have access to a raffle, in which they can win 25 kits including a Game Boy cartridge and a floppy disk containing special SolTrainers artworks. Finally, the product might become available to purchase depending on demand. All the information related to the development of this project is open-source and available on the SolTrainers' github!

Is The Cartridge a Real Product?

Join our program to have the opportunity to be featured in this new NFT viewing experience! By submitting your project, the holders of your NFTs owning a special cartridge will be able to view the artworks in their Game Boy catalogue.

Why join the Beta Program? 

The hardware components include a Wi-Fi module that enables access and connection to/from your wallet. It is NOT a device that will allow you to trade, sell or purchase NFTs. After the cartridge is inserted in a Game Boy Advance, the user will be asked to enter a connection code. The software will then link the user's wallet to the cartridge, write the information in the code and allow the Game Boy to display the user's NFTs on the Game Boy screen.

How does the cartridge work?

Interested about the project?

Checkout The Litepaper!

Online Battle Simulator

Earn $PKMN Tokens by challenging other players!

We already forked The old Pokemon online EU Source Code to relaunch it and make it run on Solana's Blockchain.

Gaming Utility ðŸ•¹

This is the first device that boosts the retro-consoles and let them act as an interface within the Blockchain and open an infinity of usage scenarios, Token management, asynchronous gameplay as well as saving your progress in the Blockchain, In-Game items trading and much more.

Hardware ⚙️

All the Hardware-Related Developement will be released in OpenSource on the Soltrainers' Github. 

A WiFi Cartridge opens a new future for Retrogame Developers who wish to link the Homebrew Scene to Cryptocurrency.


Staking 📈

We know that tokens are an important investment. 

This is the reason why we strive to make a decentralized reserve dedicated to all Gaming Cryptocurrency. 



Want to play with us?

Join the Beta Program

If you are leading an NFT project on Solana and you'd like to be listed or you're interested on the beta hardware,

The SolTrainersNFT

The SolTrainers are 2500 NFTs inspired by the Pokemon Trainers from the classic Game Boy Advance games.

Minting will cost 0.5 SOL. Every SolTrainer comes equipped with a random number of lvl 50 PKMN from the 1st to the 4th gen. Rarity of trainers is not only based on their attributes but also on the PKMN in their team.

Catch new PKMN for your team by visiting a special safari zone. They’ll be added to both your team and your NFT metadata. If your team is full, an individual storage box will be accessible to store PKMN or send them to be staked in exchange for PKMN tokens. You can also win tokens by challenging other trainers in battle using forked source code of the Pokemon Online EU simulator.

For PC & MAC

Extra Features


NFT Release ðŸš€

Release of the first Generation of SolTrainers, Listing on secondary markets and publishing of the Rarity chart.

On minting day, you can visit this Website to discover who your PKMN Team is.



Expanded Environment 🔎


SolTrainers world is Growing!
Opening of the Safari Zone to catch new rare PKMNs to add to your team!
In this phase, we'll be launching related Merch, including a special Floppy Disk containing exclusive artworks.
The SolTrainers Cartridge will be in its final development Stage.

New Gear & Goodies 🎁


New Trainer's Storage Box available & Public Release of the SolTrainers Cartridge.

$PKMN Token Airdrop. 

Let the battles begin! 🎮


Release of the online Battle game for PC & Mac. New Games & Homebrew for the SolTrainers Cartridge & More surprises Featuring Mystery collabs.


The future shines with its own light, What's Next?

What are the advantages of being a SolTrainer?

What's next ?

Who knows what the future holds?

What we DO know is that our goal is to develop a secure way for developers to come up with exciting projects to be released on the blockchain. Today, we make a cartridge. Tomorrow?

We hope to inspire the community to look beyond NFTs through various interactive user experiences.

NFTs Are Cool! 🖼

Have you always dreamed of becoming a trainer? Now's your chance! Be the proud owner of an exclusive SolTrainer NFT. Hold it and embark on an exciting journey: your SolTrainer becomes your avatar in a brand new kind of NFT experience.

Game Release 🎮

Build your team by visiting the Safari Zone, challenge other SolTrainers holders in battle and win $PKMN tokens!

We'll keep the roadmap updated on the latest progress. Stay tuned!

$ Token Airdrop ✈️

Once the token is listed on Serum, all SolTrainer NFT holders will be eligible to receive $PKMN tokens during the first airdrop.

Staking 📈

That is why we want to make a decentralized reserve dedicated to all Gaming Cryptocurrency, which will allow holders to be rewarded for staking their investment.

Real Hardware Drop! 🔩

Be among the first to get your hands on our very limited edition retro-gaming device! A small quantity of the beta version will be gifted to NFT-gaming devs for experimentation. Eventually, SolTrainers NFT holders will have access to raffles where you can win cartridges. Finally, all SolTrainers holders will be able to claim a free cartridge until stocks run out. We might release more for sale depending on demand!

The Future of RetroGaming 👾

We strive to bring you a new way to interact with your NFTs. Not only the cartridge will allow the owner to visualize their NFTs, its connective technology will allow you to load it with indie-dev crypto-related games made by the community, for the community!

Who knows what the future holds?What we DO know is that our goal is to develop a secure way for developers to come up with exciting projects to be released on the blockchain. Today, we make a cartridge. Tomorrow?We hope to inspire the community to look beyond NFTs through various interactive user experiences.

What's Next?